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Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Zodiac Sign 

All About Cancer Sun Sign

Cancer – The Sign of the Crab Ruling planet of this Cancer sign is Moon. Such people are easily hurt on seeing someone suffering. This is a very complex type zodiac sign. They are at times appear extremely strong and at other moments they could be as vulnerable as a child. The Cancer born people are remarkably good at accumulating things. They tend to have a inclination on not to throw anything out and try to keep things for a longer period even if they do not use it.
Cancer’ Zodiac sign -People are most of the times over-anxious. They also make great efforts to gather money. Due to their emotional nature they get into partnerships easily. If channeled in the right direction, their enormous sensitivity can become a great source of strength. Cancerians need to overcome their touchiness and need to learn to keep their unstable emotions in check. They are an intellect lot and have wide imaginations which prove to be good for them. They are good listeners and hence people turn towards them when I need of emotional support.
Cancer Physical traits: Cancer born people have Stout physique. They generally have an average height and pleasing appearance. They have limited stamina but when needed they do not back out till the work is finished.
Cancer ruled Body parts: The cancer zodiac sign rules the breast area, stomach and pancreas.
Cancer Color: The color which is best suited for Cancer zodiac sign is all shades of cream and white.
Cancer Element : MoveableWatery sign
The cancer zodiac sign like most water signs have good intuitive powers. There is seen to be an urge to travel to far off lands but the connections with home land never breaks.
Cancer Positive Strength: The people born under the sign Cancer are sympathetic and kindly sensitivity to other people and especially those they are fond of. They are able to identify well with the situations of other people because of the intense imaginations. They are learned and are have an eye for art and literature. Cancer zodiac sign born people have a talent for mimicry too.


Cancer 2012 horoscope and 2012 Cancer Astrology

Just check what YEAR 2012 holds for you?

Hello! I am Abhishek Dhawan your astrologer, I extend a very warm welcome to people under the Cancer Zodiac. The Cancer’s 2012 yearly horoscope shows that cancerians will be able to overcome hardships fast and quick and acquire physical, mental and financial security which can bring you emotional stability. Stability is always good for the cancer Zodiac. For those who have been trying hard to achieve success for a long time this year may bring them much awaited result. The year 2012 is a realignment of your objectives in a broad sense and a general development. This would enable you to be more precise in your actions. Those concerned with the practicalities of life should not waste time, resource or energy and have a talent for combining intuition with the ability to make discriminating judgement that will not be clouded by emotions. Concentrate on building you career and your relationships for long term. But be sure to appreciate the basic pleasures that life will brings.

Love and Relationships Horoscope Cancer 2012

In the year 2012, cancerians are task masters who want everything to its perfection. This includes their love life too. Whatever the change your routine, habits and lifestyle would be, it is necessary to turn your romantic potential into reality. Personal relationships may face some storms, but people under cancer zodiac know how to deal with it. Do not let your social commitments or opinions of your friends frustrate your love life. Neptune planets in the house of love, passion and romance will help you to see your relationship reach new heights. You may now analyze your relations and ponder over positive or negative aspects. This is a good time to clear all pending problems with your partner. If a Cancer partner is found dishonest then he or she will not find it easy to continue with the relationship. There are generally of a reserved and timid nature. You will go on a vacation and may make friends with an influential person who will be of help in future. During the months of April to August it would be nice to have a partner. Most of the time you will be busy to think about it. The year 2012 will be very special year for you. Money could be a bone of contention between you and your partner in the early phase of this year. Family matters might get in between you both in the later part of this year. Askganesha astrologers see cancer in love and it will manage both work and home well. They can give most of the time to home as well. A cancerian will have good memory and they are the best known as promise keepers. A female cancerian loves to take up the responsibility of being a mother. Askganesha astrologers predict that people, who under the cancer sign will revive old ties, improve estranged relationships and get the family together with their sincere efforts. There are great chances of remarkable improvement in relationships for cancer in the year 2012.

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Work/Profession, Career/Business Cancer 2012
and Finances Horoscope Cancer 2012

The year of 2012 will enable you to think twice as much in your business and professional life. The people born under this star sign are generally born with a sharp brain, so innovative ideas come to them easily. Those in the banking and insurance sectors might face problems at work. You will be able to withstand the competitive market. You would like to complete a deal of purchasing assets during the months of April to June 2012. You may spend more money on gift items. Do not rush to any type of long term decisions this year. Avoid any controversial issues or advising others as you will be placed in an embarrassing situation. Home renovation, purchasing assets and new updates for your house are on your money spending agenda in 2012. August is a great month to float your Bio data (C.V) around, while a friend will give you invaluable career based advice in September. You may face some tough competition but your energy levels and hard work will give you an extra edge. Askganesha astrologers advice- Do not hesitate to create an alliance. You will be launched into a new cycle of continuity in which you will have to make sustained efforts to consolidate your situation and to continue your objectives in the direction. There would be fame along with a rise in income at workplace but hurdles may come because of enemies at work. Do not neglect to take advantage as well as check any statement or bills twice during the year 2012 and if you plan for a major purchase. All of sudden you may feel things going against you, but this period your financial situation will be better inspite of heavy expenditures. Those planning hard will get good profits during this year. Askganesha astrologers advice- this is the moment to make some sacrifices for a better financial balance. Good career opportunities are on the way. People going for interviews, exams or some kind of competitions are likely to get success. You would see many people are attracted to you for your extraordinary hard work and sincerity. There are favorable chances of great savings during the year, in short we can say, a great year for the Cancer zodiac. 

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Family and social Life Cancer 2012

The positive point this year is that you will be actively participating in religious or spiritual matters and traveling on vacation as well as pilgrimage. You should be ready to undertake responsibilities and communicate constructively. You may be sacrificing your happiness for the sake of your family. However make sure that it is devoid of any expectation and interest. You believe in charity and will love to do public service. It would be best to visualize the repercussions of behavior to avoid any problems. Askganesha astrologer’s advice- You would have to think hard and use your mind before your emotional side weigh down on you. Remember, sharing your problems will enable you to keep family or home front in order. There will be a kind of festival atmosphere at home which would help you in easing your tensions. However make sure that you participate in it and not remain a silent spectator..

Travel Horoscope Cancer 2012

In the new year 2012 you may have some frequent travels related to your profession or job to an undesired plane which may cause uncertainty and instability in your job but in the mid of the year you will have most of the favorable time and you may enjoy a posting at your desired place. You may also be spending your time with religious saint or preachers. They would enlighten your path with their thoughts and knowledge. The heightened awareness you bring with you on your journey will serve you well. Any plan for traveling requires an advice from people with whom you travel. Look for activities that are not very expensive. Askganesha astrologers predict that time spent with children and friends will be vital to regenerate your energy. Business travelers particularly can profit. Dinning with friends will bring happiness on your face.

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Health Horoscope Cancer 2012

Your body will be temple of your soul and it is a good time for spring cleaning it. Mentally you would have to deal with the struggle brought on by the nagging of Saturn. You would have to strictly avoid exposed or junk food especially from roadside. The habit of dancing will bring a lot of enthusiasm in your life, and at the same time it would be in your interest if you do some yoga or exercise for strengthening your mental toughness. It would help in attaining happiness because it releases endorphins. Askganesha astrologer’s advice- do not smoke even when somebody might ask you to, he might make you a passive victim of smoking. Remember passive smoking could cause fatal illnesses. Meditation and other techniques help you to deal with negative emotions and attachment issues could work wonders. Askganesha astrologers advice- You should follow the path of spirituality which would enable you to enjoy mental pleasure.

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