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Gemini 2012 horoscope and 2012 Gemini Astrology

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Just check what YEAR 2012 holds for you?

Love and Relationships Horoscope Gemini 2012

Gemini zodiac’s sign of love in the horoscope suggests that they are dreamers and they hate to wake up from their dreams. Whether you are attached or looking for love, this time will promise to be a favorable period for relationships. Gemini’s will take time to realize that love has actually knocked at their door. After they realize this they will be ready for love. During the months of January to March 2012, Venus and Mercury alternate their place in your Zodiac sign. This results into a new phase in your love life. You will feel the need to center on your aspirations and will have a heart to reveal them in your way of being absolute. Your heart will have a voice of its own and give you a signal every time something important happens in your love life. During the months of July to September 2012, do not give your heart away easily but at the same time do not pressure an unclear situation even before there is a chance to develop. If in any case the love relation falls, a Gemini can become depressed and jealous. During that time they can also indulge in alcohol. Mercury would help you ideal with it and Venus solves the love related issues slowly. Avoid getting struck into any matter as something big awaits you. When a Gemini is in love, he or she will take a long time to realize it. This can be a negative feature of a Gemini. They are also not fast in decision making. Gemini will try to take a shorter route to achieve anything. They would also love to save and are generally happy in their marriage and relationships. They may find a difficulty to choose the right partner. But once they have chosen their partner they will not be looking back. Askganesha astrologer’s advice- the love of your life would require care, which you will gladly provide. Get ready to have a wonderful love life.

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Work/Profession, Career/Business Gemini 2012
and Finances Horoscope Gemini 2012

The year 2012 will be dedicated to collective work; you will not be able to do things alone. For some, it may be missing or misplacing some important documents. Patience, dedication and discipline will be the key to your financial stability. During the months of March to August 2012 your career will be on an upswing and you will also receive some good news. Good time for those seeking new jobs. Growth in career along with monetary gains will also be there. You may also be suited to a very busy work environment that has a competitive edge, and you will get a chance to show your initiative and also meet targets and show what you are made of. The Months of April to July 2012 will be a profitable period to purchase and sell real estate. Small displacements related to administrative or commercial approaches will enable you to increase your money between July and September 2012. Money may come easily from various sources, in particular if you are in an independent profession. It is the moment to enable new prospects. There will be an increase your power and authority at workplace and you may carry work at home. You tend to make more enemies at work especially subordinates. Askganesha astrologers advice- You should think quality rather than quantity and focus on developing those areas of work which bring the best return for your efforts. Businessmen will find a breather, but there may be a difference with partners on financial issues. Realtors will see much light in business. Your Independence extends during the year 2012 and you will be developing what is the single one in you. Those jobs that involve physical activity and a chance to guide, instruct or even entertain others are well starred. Investments in Natural products and textile industry will bring profits during the months of August to October 2012. Professionals need to be tactful while you in dealing with clients. You will have to do a lot of research and make the efforts to maintain contact even revive old connections. If you are looking for overseas employment, then the year 2012 will help you immensely


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Family and social Life Gemini 2012

You are certain to receive support from your friends, family and loved ones. During the months of February to April 2012, will have to keep a check on what you speak as this may lead to arguments and differences with friends and relatives. If there is a relationship you have been struggling to repair or rejuvenate can easily blow up. You will be more passionate. Askganesha astrologer’s advice- be careful in making new friendships as it may place you in an embarrassing situation. Always remember that you are not always right, and take the time to listen of your partner and work together to figure out how to meet each others expectations. Askganesha astrologer is seeing that you would meet a prominent person or a spiritual guru in this year 2012.

Travel Horoscope Gemini 2012

The Gemini 2012 yearly horoscope shows that you may face major trouble in getting a visa. Your trip will be beneficial for work but not for your personal life. Planning for a family trip will be a source of thrashing away all your worries. A short trip with family is also possible in the middle of the year. A religious trip will help you to devote on god. Since life seems so lovely you should plan a vacation to enjoy all of its spoils, preferably with loved ones. Traveling alone could be depressing for you. Those students living in other countries on visa should not indulge in any controversy with local people. Group management will help you while traveling. If you plan to travel with your mate, plan the major decisions together. You may plan for a second honeymoon with your life partner this year. Its better that you discuss your traveling plans with a travel agent. You may also undertake a journey on somebody’s behalf. Askganesha astrologers advice- Do not forget to check on the weather conditions before leaving the town. Traveling to a hilly area will bring pleasure.

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Health Horoscope Gemini 2012

Gemini’s who are into consumption of alcohol are advised to take a break. This change will put an end to stomach upsets which may be accentuated by addition of an activity you assumed at the beginning of the year 2012. Caution is advised while driving as you are prone to shoulder and back injuries. Water should be consumed carefully while out of home. Askganesha astrologers advice- pregnant women need to take care of their health. You should avoid taking any mental tensions which brings stress. Your spouse will face some minor health issues. Smile will bring wonders for your sound health. Fever and cold might give some health problems too. Askganesha astrologers advice- people who eat outside a lot may suffer stomach and other health problems. So stay strong, keep eating right and work to build healthy habits this year..

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Recommended Remedies for you during year 2012
1. Give sweet biscuits to the street dogs.
2. To attract good luck, leave your house after putting some sweets/sugar in your mouth.
3. Respect teachers and elders.

Recommended Vedic Pujas and Homams
1. Lakshmi Kuber Puja
2. Mercury (Budh) Puja
Hanuman Puja

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